hello no manners

i usually don't come on here to talk about my job...
but today is the day!
i just cannot help myself!
what the hell is with people these days?!
is there anyone left who has manners on this entire planet?

who walks into an establishment with a bikini on,
demands a phone book without a please or thank you
and then proceeds to talk to her snotty-ass friend
about some stuff that doesn't even involve what we do?
the answer to that is:
a girl with no manners.
shortly after that walking abortion of right action,
in comes another award-winning idiot who forgot her license
(but remembered her newborn)
and then gets on the phone with every person
in the surrounding area who just might have her i.d. on file,
including another tattoo shop,
her father,
an old boss,
and a few others.
she's yelling at her dad (i know, so classy)for not finding her i.d.,
and then going down the street to photocopy and fax it!
no one thinks this type of thing is trashy and/or highly inappropriate?
i guess not.
i get that we are a tattoo shop,
but it's still a business...
no shirt, no manners...
no service!