assembly required

i hate seeing that.
i hate assembling...
it's almost no fun.
i purchased a bench for my mud room yesterday
and they told me at the counter that assembly was, in fact,
i feel like it's almost the same thing as telling me it's broken
and needs to be put back together.
i don't feel i should have to pay full price for something
i have to build.

i experienced a different situation, but equally irritating
whilst shopping with a friend a week ago.
she was buying some chairs and the legs were scratched up.
she wasn't about to pay full price for some crapped up chairs...
so, out comes the manager.
the manager very dryly stated that in a situation such as this
taking a black marker to the damage was a perfect solution.
i couldn't help pointing out that the legs of these chairs were brown.
that's keepin' it classy...
nothing like the old marker trick.
i can see if the chairs were already in your own home,
you might do some quick fix action...
but honestly,
no one should leave a store with full priced
damaged goods.
what a load.