holly made me do it

i haven't blogged,
i know.
holly was upset about this
and was on strike from her own blog
until i got back into mine.
i cannot be responsible for that so here i am!
i was telling my dear holly the other night
about how i think of blogging all the time,
i just don't actually do it.
i was also discussing "man leavin's"
with her.
ladies, if you have a man and you don't know what this means
then please go directly into your bathroom and scan the floor
(sinks or toilets will suffice)...
you will most likely detect "man leavin's".
usually these leavin's are a direct result of shaving or shedding...
and in most cases
they are usually in the form of some sort of hair.
that's right babies...
my husband man
informed me of what they were just recently.
i had inquired as to why and how a mass of hair
formed on an area that had been clean(and hairless)
prior to his visit to the bathroom.
his response was this...
"man leavin's"
that is all.